How to challenge LEI Reference Data?

How to challenge LEI Reference Data?

The Global LEI System (GLEIS) maintains a centralized challenge facility for any party to challenge the accuracy and completeness of LEI records and Reference Data and trigger the verification/update of records as necessary. This contributes to keeping the data within the LEI system reliable, and up-to-date.

The open nature of the CDF data ensures that inaccuracies can be reported at any time through the GLEIF’s process from LEIpapa to the LEI Issuer responsible for managing the record. If the LEI issuer’s vetting team determines the challenge to be correct and an amendment is necessary we’ll inform you that changes have been made and the LEI record will move the PENDING state in the LEIpapa Web App.

Please follow the instructions in the email and agree or disagree with the proposed corrections.

How to submit a challenge for potentially inaccurate LEI Reference Data?

You can use this Challenge form to challenge LEI and raise any doubt regarding the uniqueness of an LEI code, referential integrity between LEI records, the existence of duplicate entries, or the accuracy and completeness of the related Legal Entity reference data.

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