Bulk LEI Registration

Bulk LEI Registration

With LEIpapa you can register multiple legal entities to the LEI database simultaneously. You will receive a discount based on volume when registering via the bulk upload form.

This feature allows you to create multiple New LEI(s) by uploading single .xls (Excel format) file with the minimum data the system requires to process your application. It’s far more efficient for us all. We can avoid ordering LEIs and pay for them one by one, bypass the need to sign our Terms of Service for every LEI, and better still, if there’s no level 2 data….you get the idea!

All that we ask is that you accurately check your .xls file and make sure there are no errors or omissions.

How to Register LEI in bulk

Step 1: Download the Excel template

Download the registration Excel sheet and complete it, filling out all appropriate fields.

Step 2: Fill the Excel template and upload it

Upload the file using the Upload field.

Step 3: Specify the LEI qty

Insert the number of LEIs you wish to register in the field labeled ‘Number of LEIs to register’ and submit the order.

Step 4: Receive the discounted invoice

You will receive the invoice from our team with the discount applied.

Step 5: Pay the invoice

Proceed to payment, where the discount is included.

Step 6: Wait for the confirmation

Wait for one of our team members to contact you with confirmation of your new LEIs.

LEI applications require a Letter of Authorization (LoA) when we may need to determine your authority to apply for and/or manage Legal Entity Identifiers on behalf of legal entities. If this is needed, you will need to complete and provide a Letter of Authorization (LoA).

Register more than 2 LEI codes at once (Bulk LEI registration) with the discounted rate by uploading the information via the Excel table."
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