GLEIF Data Quality Reports December 2023

GLEIF Data Quality Reports December 2023

January 8, 2024ยทLEIpapa
Building trust with transparent quality reports, GLEIF has released the Data Quality Reports for December 2023.
GLEIF Data Quality Reports December 2023


  • Average Total Data Quality Score (TDQS): 99.99, maintaining stable performance from the previous month.
  • LEI Issuers Achieving Maturity Level 2: Increased by 6%, reaching 49%.
  • Average Days to Close a Challenge: Reduced by 4 days, now averaging 6 days.

This summary is based on the GLEIF Data Quality Report for December 2023 and aims to highlight key data and trends. The reports are available for download below.


  • Total Data Quality Score Trend: Stable at 99.99. 35 out of 37 LEI issuers met the required data quality, with 18 achieving expected and excellent data quality levels.
  • Introduction of the extended Challenge Facility improved handling of bulk challenges and automated processing, enhancing data accuracy and timeliness.

Maturity Level Performance

  • Maturity Levels ranged from 0 to 3, showing varying degrees of compliance among LEI issuers across different months.

Top 5 Failing Checks

  • Identified the checks with the highest number of failures, including Check ID C000256 leading with 176 failures.

Data Quality World Map

  • Illustrates global data quality, with specific focus on regions achieving below 99.0% quality.

Data Quality Criteria

  • Detailed scores across various criteria like Accessibility, Accuracy, Completeness, etc., with most criteria maintaining a score of 99.99%.


  • Total LEI Records: 2,532,322, a 0.80% increase.
  • Active Entities Managed: 2,409,003, up by 0.71%.
  • Other statistics include new and renewed LEIs, lapsed LEIs, and more.


  • Overview of new and closed challenges, highlighting an increased efficiency in resolving challenges.

The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) meticulously compiles and releases a comprehensive suite of data quality reports on a monthly basis. These reports are pivotal in assessing and demonstrating the overall integrity and accuracy of data maintained within the Global Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) System. The two principal categories of these reports are:

Global LEI Data Quality Reports: These reports are instrumental in showcasing the aggregate level of data quality maintained across the entire Global LEI System. They provide a macro-level view of the data integrity and are essential for stakeholders who rely on this data for various financial, regulatory, and business purposes.

LEI Issuer Data Quality Reports: In contrast to the global reports, these are more focused analyses that delve into the data quality levels achieved by individual LEI issuing organizations. They offer a granular view of each issuer’s performance, ensuring transparency and accountability in the management of LEI data.

Each of these reports encompasses a detailed set of information for the respective reporting period, which plays a critical role in identifying and quantifying the overall data quality present within the Global LEI System. The key elements of this information include:

Total Data Quality Score (per country): This metric offers a country-specific assessment of data quality, providing insights into geographical variations in data management standards.

Total Data Quality Score Timeline: It tracks the evolution of data quality over time, offering a historical perspective on improvements or declines in data standards.

Check Results of the LEI Data Records Against Implemented Quality Criteria: This involves a rigorous examination of LEI records to ascertain their compliance with the established quality benchmarks.

Overview of Achieved Maturity Levels: This analysis sheds light on the maturity stages of data management processes across the system.

Timeline on Selected Key Metrics: This component visualizes the progression of specific, crucial metrics over the set period.

Overall Statistics on Key Measurements: A comprehensive aggregation of essential data points that underline the system’s performance.

Top 5 Failing Checks: A critical examination of the most common areas where data quality checks fall short, highlighting areas for improvement.

Brief Narrative Summarizing the Key Topics: An executive summary that distills the essence of the report, providing an accessible overview of the key findings and insights.

The Global LEI Data Quality Report

The Global LEI Data Quality Report is readily available for download in PDF format.

Additionally, it is noteworthy that LEIpapa is a recognized official LEI registration Agent of Ubisecure RapidLEI. In line with this association, the report specific to RapidLEI’s performance and data quality achievements is also made available, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of RapidLEI’s contributions to the overall LEI system.

Ubisecure RapidLEI LEI Data Quality Report

Ubisecure Oy (RapidLEI) LEI Data Quality Report December 2023 download in PDF format

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